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Official Fact Sheet

Catholic School Profile 2020 - 2021

The Hartford Archdiocese is, according to enrollment, the 51st largest network of Catholic schools among the 175 (Arch)Dioceses in the United States that have schools. According to number of schools, the Archdiocese of Hartford is the 39th largest.
  • 36 Catholic Schools: 
    • 26 Parochial Elementary Schools
    • 2 Private Elementary/Middle Schools
    • 3 Archdiocesan High Schools
    • 5 Private High Schools

Student Enrollment

  • Total Enrollment = 9,093
  • Pre-K/elementary/middle school students = 5,760
  • Secondary school students = 3,333
  • Enrollment diversity: 27%
  • Students of Catholic faith = 75%
  • Students of other faiths/unknown = 25%


Student Diversity and Faith Backgrounds

The Archdiocese of Hartford welcomes and affirms all cultures, ethnic groups and faith backgrounds. The rate of racial diversity in the Catholic schools is 27% and the Hispanic ethnicity is 14%. According to the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) the rate of racial diversity in Catholic schools nationally is 21.2% and the Hispanic ethnicity is 18.1%.  Of the total 9,093 students enrolled in our Catholic schools, 75% are Roman Catholic, 25% come from other faith backgrounds, and unknown.