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Center for Catholic Education and Formation
Saint Thomas Seminary

New England Catholic Biblical School

Diaconate Candidacy

Archdiocesan School Board

Mission of the Archdiocesan School Board

In conjunction with The Center of Catholic Education and Formation, the mission of the Archdiocesan School Board is to further the advancement of excellence in Catholic education for students in the Archdiocese of Hartford by providing leadership, direction, and support of Archbishop Leonard P. Blair, Reverend Michael Whyte, Vicar for The Center of Catholic Education and Formation, Valerie Mara, Superintendent and Laura McCaffrey, Executive Director for School Finance & Technology.

Current Membership

Deacon Robert J. Barry, Chair - Saint Patrick, Farmington

Reverend Joseph Benicewicz, OFM Conv. - Saint Paul, Kensington (Pastor) 
Reverend Shawn Daly - Saint Damien of Molokai, Windsor (Pastor)
Fay Lenz - Saint Mary, Simsbury
Peter M. O'Meara - Saint Catherine of Siena, West Simsbury
Reverend Michael Whyte, Vicar for Catholic Education & Formation

Valerie Mara, Ex-Officio Member, Superintendent, The Center of Catholic Education & Formation
Richard Braam, Ex-Officio Member, Chief Financial Officer, Archdiocese of Hartford
Laura McCaffrey, Ex-Officio Member, Executive Director for Finance & Technology, The Center of Catholic Education & Formation


Inquiries on becoming a member of the Archdiocesan School Board

The Archdiocesan School Board (ASB) is seeking nominations of individuals who meet the qualifications as outlined in the by-laws for a three year term, with a possible additional term. Please contact Fay Lenz, Chair of the Nominating Committee, at if you are interested in more information about the Archdiocesan School Board.

Standing Committees

Executive Committee:
  • Vicar, Superintendent, Chair of Archdiocesan School Board.
Nominating Committee:

Goal: Recruit 1 - 3 new members to serve on the Archdiocesan School Board.

Community Outreach Committee (Local School Boards)

Goal: Increase the purposefulness of the visits to the local boards by using the Leadership Manual of Catholic School Advisory as a tool, and provide feedback to the The Center following local board visits to improve local school board development.