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Local Catholic School Board

Leadership Manual - Local Catholic School Boards

The basic principles and insights outlined in the The Center of Catholic Education and Formation Leadership Manual for Catholic School Boards offer a clear direction concerning school boards within the Archdiocese of Hartford for (Inter) Parish Schools and Archdiocesan High Schools. This manual should be useful to Board Members, Pastors, Principals, and Chief Administrators as a means of exercising their rights and responsibilities in the service of others. Updated Version will be available in August 2023. 

20†20 Vision: An Eye on Our Future calls forth the following standards in order to advance local school boards now and into the future:

  • An excellent Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Hartford has a governance structure that recognizes, respects, and collaborates with the appropriate and legitimate authorities.
  • An excellent Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Hartford has a local school board that exercises responsible decision making in collaboration with the canonical administrator and the school's leadership team for the development and oversight of the school's fidelity to mission, standards of excellence, and operational vitality.

Resources: Updates Coming Soon!

  • Leadership Manual for Catholic School Boards
  • Commissioning A School Board
  • School Board Committee Report Form
  • Pastor's Approval Form School Board
  • Confidentiality Statement for School Boards
  • School Board Nominating Committee Guidelines
  • Proposed New Policy or Change in Policy Form
  • Template for School Board Agenda
  • School Board Self Assessment
  • Glossary of Terms

For Elementary School Boards: Coming soon!

For High School Boards: Coming soon!

  • Statement of Candidacy Archdiocesan High School Board

For more information please contact: 

Valerie Mara
Superintendent of Catholic Schools