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Center for Catholic Education and Formation
Saint Thomas Seminary

Curriculum Overview

The schools of the Archdiocese of Hartford are committed to providing a rigorous academic curriculum based on the teachings of the Catholic Church, infused with Catholic social teaching, rooted in basic skills and coupled with innovative programs embedded in 21st century literacies that will prepare young people for college, career, and life. To that end, all curriculum standards reflect a continuum of learning from pre-kindergarten through to graduation in high school. All curriculum documents are in alignment with national standards, exceed the Common Core State Standards, and correspond to the high expectations set by The Center for Catholic Education and Formation.

As we move forward to immerse technology and 21st century literacies in all curricular areas, we recognize the importance of basic skills and high expectations for all students. As we design instruction aligned with effective strategies and best practices, we provide opportunities for collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem solving. Catholic identity is intentional, integral, and integrated in every subject area with emphasis on providing a global perspective, moral education, community, and service. In the Archdiocese of Hartford, we recognize the importance of teaching the whole child, of preserving traditions that make us strong with an eye on the future that ensures hope and success; we recognize that it is only through the fluency of information that students can think conceptually, and it is through a safe, nurturing environment that students realize and reach their full potential.