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Center for Catholic Education and Formation
Saint Thomas Seminary

New England Catholic Biblical School

Diaconate Candidacy

Difficulties Families Face

“Jesus reveals that God, who is not indifferent, does not keep himself at a ‘safe distance.’ Rather, he draws near out of compassion and touches our life to heal it with tenderness. It is God’s style: nearness, compassion and tenderness.”

~Pope Francis

As the place where we first learn to deeply encounter and love one another, the family can also be the place where the deepest losses, sacrifices, and even wounds are experienced.

The Church proclaims the natural goodness of the family for all people and asks Her children to both grow in and witness to it with a radiant hope made possible in Christ, not just in good times but in great challenge. For through the vitality of the love in the family facing difficulty, the world may come to know and be blessed by the gift of hope.

Below are resources that may offer assistance in strengthening families in times of need.

For more information contact: 

Valerie St. Jean
Coordinator of Adult and Family Life Ministries