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Center for Catholic Education and Formation
Saint Thomas Seminary

New England Catholic Biblical School

Diaconate Candidacy

Youth Ministry

The Church NEEDS you,
your enthusiasm, your creativity
and the joy that is so characteristic of YOU.

~Pope Francis

Eucharist gathers us, nourishes us, and sends us out in mission to become Christ’s presence in the world. Parish communities can transform the faith formation and sacramental preparation of children, youth, adults, and families by placing the Eucharist as the center of all formation. This workshop and retreat will provide an opportunity to reflect on the richness of the Catholic faith’s teaching about Eucharist along with a chance to explore ways to implement a Eucharistic vision for ministry to engage people of all ages who seek to grow in faith and receive the Sacraments. This will include practical ways to help members of our parishes to encounter Christ and live the Eucharist as disciples.


Workshop for Youth Ministers/Conformation Coordinators:

Radiating Christ – Witnessing Faith

Our experience of Eucharist compels us to share our experience with others.  Imagine your parish as a community of witnesses.  Children, youth, and adults are longing to experience people of faith who can tell the story of God in their lives and point to Christ’s healing love.  In this session, participants discover the power of witness and consider ways to empower families and the parish community to radiate Christ’s love. 

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Youth Protection Resources


Rooting Youth in Service

Rooting Youth in Service is an interactive guide for engaging youth in meaningful service learning

opportunities. This includes theological foundations, best practices and guidelines for organizing, implementing and following through with these projects. To download this guide, click here.

For more information contact: 

Kelly Henderschedt
Archdiocesan Director of Faith Formation