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Thank you for deciding to submit a post to our “Around the Archdiocese” page. Please keep the following in mind when submitting a post:

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Upcoming Events

Submitted events around the Archdiocese can be found below. Events are in chronological order. Please use the contact information found below to register for these events. 

Marriage Help Program

WEEKEND DATE: September 8th-10th, 2023
Location: Hotel near Bradley International Airport

Are you no longer feeling happy in your marriage? Many couples continue to struggle in their marriage but are not tilling to give up on each other. THERE IS HOPE! 

If you are reading this, it is time to make a change. Ask your spouse to consider attending a Retrouvaille program. Retrouvaille is a communication-focused program designed to help struggling marriages. After the initial weekend, there are a series of weekly sessions that continue to help a husband and a wife rediscover the love, trust and commitment that originally brought them together. The program is an international peer-based Christian ministry and is highly successful in saving hurting marriages, even bringing reconciliation to couples who have already separated or divorced. Click here to register.


Youth Rally

2023 Archdiocese of Hartford Anniversary Mass

The Archdiocese of Hartford cordially invites couples celebrating wedding anniversaries of 25, 40, 50 or more to the annual Wedding Anniversary Mass on Sunday, October 22, 2023 at 2 p.m. at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph, Hartford, CT.

The 2023 Wedding Anniversary Mass includes a renewal of marriage vows followed by an opportunity for couples to have a photograph taken with Archbishop Blair and a personalized certificate.

While couples can register up to the date of the ceremony, to have your name in the Mass program, registrations must be received no later than October 12th. When submitting your form, please double check that all information is correct prior to submission.

We invite you to use this flyer to help promote this beautiful celebration to your parish community.

Questions or assistance with completing this form, please contact Valerie St. Jean, Coordinator of Adult and Family Life Ministries at

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