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Welcome to the My Emmaus Formation Program

My Emmaus is a virtual faith formation program designed as an individualized and personalized experience. This journey of faith will be self-directed and include nine (9) foundational modules. With built in flexibility, you can begin with the session you feel will most benefit your ministry.

Each session will take you through four steps. You will begin with ENGAGE. These activities will help you get a sense of the session’s theme and focus.  Next, EXPLORE will provide content, including videos, articles and chapters from the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults as well as other select texts. The final two steps will be PRACTICE and APPLY, which will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your learning in practical way and apply it to your ministry.

We have created a Downloadable GUIDE which contains the articles and worksheets needed for each module. Download the Guide before you start each module. We also provide worksheets in Word files to make them easy for you to write-on during the program.

A PRINTABLE CHECKLIST will help you track your progress as you work through each module.

Throughout the modules you will be asked to reflect on your learning. It will be helpful to have a journal ready to record these reflections.

We are excited for you to begin your Emmaus journey of faith!

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: 


Kelly Henderschedt

Archdiocesan Director of Faith Formation

Valerie Mara

Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Jennifer McClintock 

Coordinator of Faith Formation Programs & Technology